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    Thanks to over 10 years of innovative insights into your packaging management, Totalplast offers a complete 360° concept. Totalplast thinks green and is always innovating. For our customers this means: Reducing costs by putting broken packaging back into action by repairing it and/or replacing broken parts.

    What we do
    Customized cost savings
    Total number of bins Average failure per year in numbers (based on 20% of the total) Average number of repairs to be carried out Annual cost savings
    100 20 18 € 1.800,-
    250 50 45 € 4.500,-
    500 100 90 € 9.000,-
    1.000 200 180 € 18.000,-
    2.500 500 450 € 45.000,-
    5.000 1.000 900 € 90.000,-
    10.000 2.000 1.800 € 180.000,-

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    Cost savings

    Totalplast helps you save costs in a number of ways, such as: Repair instead of having to purchase new plastic packaging. Scrapping against current fee, rather than just ‘taking it away’. Short lead time, meaning you don’t need to keep an excess amount of packaging in stock. Excellent value for money that only Totalplast offers

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    Since May 2011, Totalplast has been ISO 22000 certified, in accordance with IFS 6.0 standards, meaning all repairs are labelled food safe. This means that Totalplast repairs are carried out with food-graded materials, and that the pallet box can be safely used in a setting where food products are processed.

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